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Project Description
Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Visual Studio Team System. This project only covers SfTS version 3 (TFS 2010). Previous versions of the template are still available through

A note from the author:

"Scrum for Team System has been my full time job for the past 4 years. Now I have left EMC Consulting (to pursue my own freelance career); I intend to keep SfTS alive through an open source initiative.

With the online community and SfTS Partners assistance, SfTS can continue to be the foremost free TFS Scrum resource for agile online community. Contributions are not only welcome, but are expected! If you use and love SfTS, then please get involved"

Crispin Parker,
CMP Software Limited.
Twitter: @CrispinParker

Getting started:

  • Source Code:
    The source code for this project is split into several Visual Studio solutions along with some automated build scripts.

    See: {ScrumforTeamSystem}\solutions\

  • Building the installers
    The intaller build process includes many moving parts. To assist you with this the project includes an automated build process. To launch the build process, simply run the "Build.cmd" script.

    See: {ScrumforTeamSystem}\build\Build.cmd


You will need Visual Studio 2010 including Team Explorer to edit and build this project.

Sister Projects:

You may also be interested in the Scrum for Team System sister project: TFSWorkbench

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