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Reproduction Steps control in TFS web access Bug workitem exception


Recently I got a information form an user that Reproduction Steps control is not showing up in TFS Web Access interface for Bug workitems (returns exception that it cannot find ReproStepsControl).
As I investigated it is due to ReproStepsControl is not implemented for Web Access (only for VS).
When I checked in other process template xml definitions - MS agile and CMMI (where the field Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.ReproSteps is also used) - it revealed that for it HtmlFieldControl is used to display the field. The field type is already set to HTML so it looks sensible.
  1. ReproStepsControl seems to do nothing more than HtmlControl the fix would be to replace it in Bug.xml to HtmlControl in Layout section
  2. ReproStepsControl does not have web access version, (VS only) and is no longer used in ms templates (anyway it shows up in process editor)
Process template needs to be fixed.

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pablos11 wrote Feb 29, 2012 at 7:14 AM

Here is a short how to fix instruction:
in Bug.xml template file replace the line
            <Control FieldName="Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.ReproSteps" Type="ReproStepsControl" Label="Steps to Reproduce" LabelPosition="Top" Dock="Fill"/>
            <Control FieldName="Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.ReproSteps" Type="HtmlFieldControl" Label="Steps to Reproduce" LabelPosition="Top" Dock="Fill"/>
I also attached corrected file