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Welcome to the Scrum for Team System CodePlex project wiki.

Scrum for Team System (SfTS) is an add-in process template for Microsofts Team Foundation Server (TFS). Originally created by Conchango in 2005, the SfTS template has evolved along with TFS. 

Three Versions of the template exist:

  • SfTS v1 (TFS 2005)
    The original version of the template. Created in 2005 by the Conchango consulting company. This template is now out of support and abvailable from:

  • SfTS v2 (TFS 2008)
    This version of the the template was designed to work with TFS 2008. Created in 2008 by Conchango. The template is no longer under development and is available from:

  • SfTS v3 (TSF 2010)
    The most advanced SfTS template was created by EMC Consulting (formally Conchango) in 2009. This template (and it's supporting artefacts) are now an open source project, available at:

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ricosaupe Jul 5, 2012 at 7:22 AM 
Is there a solution to that problem? I encoutered the same problem while creating a project using that template.

philboyd Jan 26, 2012 at 8:03 PM 
Know issue - check out this link:

Rajesha Jan 13, 2012 at 11:52 AM 
I am trying to install Scrum for Team System v3.0.4281.00 on distrubuted TFS System (TFS in seperate machine, reports in seperate machine, Database in seperate machine, SSAS in separete machine) After installing Scrum for Team System v3.0.4281.00 on Sharepoint there is no chnages happened is Sharepoint site template list. I am getting following error while creating new project :

An error occurred in the New Team Project Wizard while attempting to create a site on the following SharePoint Web application:
The Project Creation Wizard encountered a problem while uploading documents to the following server running SharePoint Products: The reason for the failure cannot be determined at this time. Because the operation failed, the wizard was not able to finish creating the team project.
User Action
Contact the administrator for the server running SharePoint Products at the following location: Confirm that the server is running and that your account has sufficient privileges to create a project. Also, you might find additional helpful information in the project creation log. The log shows each action taken by the wizard at the time of the failure and might include additional details about the error.