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Removing automation association from Acceptance Test results in error

May 21, 2012 at 2:57 PM

We are experimenting with automating some of our UI testing.

I successfully associated an automated test script with an Acceptance Test.

However when I tried to remove the association on the Acceptance Test Work Item (using Visual Studio, Associated Automation tab > Remove association button > Save). I get an error message that says:

Save failed.

TF20015: The field 'Automation status' contains the value 'Automated' that is not in the list of supported values.

I opened the WIT for the Asseptance Test then Opened the Automation Status field then opened teh Rules tab. Selecting the WHEN rule select Edit and then the Rules tab for that. Select the ALLOWEDVALUES and select Edit.  This shows the only allowed values to be Not Automated and Planned.  "Automated" is not among the allowed states.

The value "Automated" is, however, allowed in the WHENNOT rule.

I suspect that the WHENNOT rule should be changed to "Planned" to be consistent with acceptible values for Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.automationStatus (